We improve the travel experience.

Cateringpor is a catering company, integrated in a global network of aviation services and market leader at Lisbon Airport.

The meal concept we develop is exclusively focused on a final result of excellence. We use the best quality raw materials, using ingredients of national and international origin.

Our recipes are developed by our chefs and executed by highly trained kitchen professionals.

Our production process complies with the most demanding hygiene and quality standards, implementing the best practices of technological innovation and thus contributing to a service of operational excellence.

The aim is to provide passengers with a high-level gastronomic experience while complying with the aviation sector’s stringent safety criteria and focusing on sustainable development.

Operational Excellence

We define and implement standards and best practices across our network and all our functional areas.

We strive to innovate in all dimensions of the company. We do not limit innovation to the creation of our menus, we innovate in infrastructure, equipment and processes while maintaining a high quality of service and sustainability.


Create meals of excellence and deliver a superior service to our customers. Provide a full catering service and adhere to the highest standards of food quality and safety.

Ensure selection of the best raw materials, implement quality control and food safety systems, establish efficient production processes.

Operate a logistics service that guarantees the delivery of meals to our customers within the established deadlines.

Working every day to better serve passengers and add value to the travel experience.

Create processes that aim at the best relationship with all partners.

Remain a reference in the aviation sector.

From our current position as market leaders in Portugal in the provision of catering for aviation, we aim to diversify the business and expand the company’s area of operation.



We are committed to humanization. We strive for Operational Excellence based on Safety, Innovation and Sustainability.