Market leaders in the aviation sector.

Cateringpor is a company that provides an excellent catering service to the extremely demanding civil aviation sector and is the market leader in supplying Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon.

Since the company’s conception, the aim has always been to provide a highly specialized service to the aviation sector and to operate in accordance with high standards. The company has this mission ingrained in its identity because the entire infrastructure has been set up for this purpose, since the beginning.

Our professionals have ensured the development and production processes of the meals, as well as the logistics processes for delivering the products to the airplanes, and carefully complying with all quality and safety standards for almost three decades of the company’s activity.

Culinary Art

Under the motto “From meals to memories”, we provide a distinctive catering service and quality meals.

We choose the best raw materials and the freshest ingredients to compose recipes carefully crafted by our chefs.

Research & Development

Creativity and Innovation

Our Research & Development department’s mission is to constantly innovate, finding flavors and products that enhance the quality of our customers’ passenger experience is our priority.

This team has the important mission of exploring creative solutions and developing customized menus for each client. This work is developed with a comprehensive vision, taking into account the production model and the needs and specificities of each of our clients.

Culinary innovation

We have the production capacity to reconcile the increase in requests at times of increased air traffic with the development of special products and menus at the request of our customers.

The Research & Development Department works closely with clients to understand their needs. The customer’s goal is our priority.

Onboard Retail

Even on shorter flights, passengers always have the option of purchasing our light meals on board.

As always, we use the freshest ingredients, from renowned Portuguese and international brands, so that our customers’ passengers always feel at home.


Our customer experience and buying behaviors are constantly evolving. We follow these developments, keeping an eye on market dynamics to meet expectations.

Our communication channels – website, social media and newsletter – bring us closer and help us establish a lasting relationship with our stakeholders.

Improving the Travel Experience

Our customers entrust us with the responsibility to help ensure that passengers and crew
enjoy the best flying experience on board their aircraft.

Flying is only part of the experience.