Quality as a structural principle.

At Cateringpor we consider Quality not only a fundamental requirement of our service, but a structural value of the company. Ensuring quality is fundamental to the business. Since the company’s creation, the Quality and Food Safety Department has ensured compliance with the high quality standards that our activity demands.

Throughout our history, we have built a reputation of great demand, highlighting the quality of raw materials and the final product resulting from our activity, always considering acting with minimal environmental impact.

We believe that it is this demand for quality and food safety throughout our production process, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, that makes us the choice of our customers to provide their passengers with the best experience on board.

Ongoing training for employees

All employees receive training before joining the company. Training is regularly updated in areas such as civil aviation safety and food safety and hygiene.

In addition to these transversal trainings, all the specific trainings for each area that the employee will belong to are also ensured.

The quality of the company’s processes and products as well as the safety of operations requires a valid principle of conduct for all employees.

Quality and Safety are responsibilities shared by all employees without exception.

Responsibility shared by all

Realization of

Prevention and quality control start long before meals are served on board. Samples are taken from the raw materials upon receipt for chemical and organoleptic analysis before they can even become part of the company’s menus.

Our analyses are not limited to raw materials and prepared foods. Preparation surfaces, food handlers’ hands, uniforms, drinking water and wastewater are also analyzed.


Halal Certification

Cateringpor was the first company in Portugal to receive this certification. In the Islamic context, Halal refers to all types of food that are permitted to be eaten.

This certification requires the segregation of all dry, fresh and frozen raw materials used in the preparation of meals for airlines that require this certification from their caterers.

In addition to food, spaces, equipment and employees are also segregated and properly identified to ensure there is no contamination.

Certification in
ISO 22000 standard

By obtaining this certification in 2015, which follows internationally recognized principles, Cateringpor guarantees food safety at all stages of its supply chain.

All of the company’s suppliers, partners, customers and consumers are confident that Cateringpor has a product safety management system in place that extends from the supply chain to consumption by the passengers of the airlines we supply.

On-board Provisions

With this certification, Cateringpor guarantees that a security officer is designated in the company; that persons with access to on-board supplies receive general security awareness training before having access to those supplies.

Unauthorized access to its facilities and on-board supplies is prevented. It reasonably ensures that on-board supplies do not conceal prohibited articles. Apply tamper-evident seals to all vehicles and/or containers carrying on-board supplies, or physically protect them.