Safety as a structural principle.

The security system implemented at Cateringpor ensures a “safer” company when delivering in-flight supplies to aircraft.

All employees who have worked at Cateringpor are trained to Level 10 of the National Civil Aviation Security Training Program which allows people to be aware of the security checks that are carried out when we are making in-flight provisions.

In order for us to be able to supply aircraft safely, we screen our in-flight supplies with X-ray equipment, this screening is carried out in accordance with European Civil Aviation legislation.

Security & Safety

Cateringpor organizes security into two main areas of activity:

Security – Security operations aimed at preventing intentional acts aimed at damaging a country’s structures, whether personal, military or even national sovereignty or stability.

Safety – Prevention of unintentional acts resulting from unsafe work equipment, infrastructure or even human negligence.

We guarantee safety

Safety and Health at Work