We are committed to innovation in the name of sustainability.

With around 1,400 employees, Cateringpor assumes the corresponding social and environmental responsibility. The company is committed to executing a process approach that enables the organization’s competitiveness based on the pillars of sustainability, while maintaining a focus on increasing customer satisfaction.


Cateringpor believes in equal opportunities for all individuals in society and respects their human rights. The company assumes its role as an employer of reference and its duty to contribute to a fairer, more inclusive and respectful society of cultural diversity.

Internally, we promote socializing between teams and develop dynamic actions to promote integration and the sharing of experiences among all.

The growing concern with environmental sustainability is transversal to Portuguese society and shared by Cateringpor.

The company considers innovation as a path to business sustainability. With a strong commitment from everyone, we eliminate internal inefficiencies that increase operational agility, improve productivity and reduce waste.



The main focus of ZERO WASTE is the fight against waste, in all its dimensions and aspects, from production to consumption, from oceans to energy, from resources to knowledge, associating itself with innovation, new approaches and possibilities for building a more sustainable future and society. The basic strategy of combating waste and implementing circular economy models focuses strongly on combating FOOD WASTE, to which Cateringpor has joined, whose operational model is strongly recognized by the UN, European Commission, ASAE, among many other national and international entities.